The brand of Haley Paloma (HP) is a direct reflection of my creative being and ethnic background. The ‘HP’ represents my dad’s background from Hawaii and the Phillipines, while the cross covering both letters represents my mom’s background as the Norwegian flag. The main color chosen are dark grey (#3a3a3a), pink (#de9cc0), and light gray (#e6e7e8). I favored these colors as pink represents my personal color, while dark and light grey represents the minimalist cirriculum taught by ASU’s visual communication design program. 

As a graphic designer, I strive to communicate my brand as reliable, thorough, timeless, and confident. My points of differentiation from other designers is having a multitude of different interest and skills in design mediums such as animation, web, coding, print, etc. I have the discipline to mold my creative thinking to a company’s criteria, while also supplying other design solutions. My areas to grow include working on being confident in early design stages, trusting my design process and coming up with solutions at a faster pace.  

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